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From Greg Stein <>
Subject Re: pTLP process amendments
Date Tue, 24 Feb 2015 08:23:50 GMT
This is fantastic. Thanks you, Niclas!

On Mon, Feb 23, 2015 at 8:15 PM, Niclas Hedhman <> wrote:

> Roman,
> See comments below to
> 2.1  --> I suggest to change the word "probationary" to "provisional". I
> also suggest that a text is added such as; 'It is required that the
> "provisional" concept is explained in detail to the users, for instance by
> linking to page http://xxxx' where xxxx is another page on ComDev
> explaining pTLP from the user's perspective.
> After the two bullet points, the following text "At the same time those
> folks are beholden to the project not an external entity (like IPMC). By
> creating a PMC that understands what is needed, then a pTLP can groom new
> PMC members, and use the standard process for adding them to the PMC. The
> Board doesn't care about committership, so the pTLP can do whatever it
> wants in that regard." sounds to me a bit harsh, and I would like to
> suggest the following instead;
> "The initial PMC should therefor, at least in theory, have a stronger base
> for grooming new committers and PMC members, than the regular podling
> graduate."
> I think that 3.7. to 3.9. are really not necessary. I would like to suggest
> to change that to;
> 3.
>     7. "The first business for the initial PMC is to complete the pTLP
> checklist of tasks, primarily in coordinating with infrastructure, end
> ensure compliance with branding and legal policies. See http://xxxxx/"
>     8.  "The pTLP day-to-day operation is identical to a regular TLP. It is
> recommended that the PMC members are extra careful, to avoid confrontation
> and seek consensus to the greatest extent possible, and to explicitly
> explain all activities in greater detail to community members, as part of
> the learning process."
> Below is the beginning of tasks that should be listed, and I think a
> separate page for this, order not totally thought through. These tasks
> could exist as a set of one Jira tasks with a subtask for each, which can
> be cloned for each new project.
> Setting up a Provisional Top Level Project
> * Complete Name Search in accordance with Branding policy at
> * Check PMC Chair is recorded in LDAP.
> * Request Jira from INFRA
> * Request Mailing lists from INFRA
> * Add project to Reporting Schedule
> * Request source control (svn or git) from INFRA
> * Submission of ICLAs from existing committers.
> * Submission of CCLAs from affected companies
> * IP Clearance as described on
> * Filing of Software Grant, if applicable.
> * Change to Apache License v2.0, if applicable.
> * Update Apache Navigation to include project
> * Request User Accounts from INFRA
> * Request CMS from INFRA
> * Migrate existing documentation to Apache.
> * Ensure "Provisional" markings are adhered to, and link to http://....
> * Enable Notifications from Jira to Mailing list
> * Migrate existing codebase to Apache
> * Ensure dependency licensing compatibility, see
> * Review legal compliance on all dependencies, in particular NOTICE file.
> * Ensure compliance with Branding policy
> * Establish self-assessed Apache Maturity Model declaration.
> There might more that I can't think of this morning.
> --
> Niclas Hedhman, Software Developer
> - New Energy for Java

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