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From Roman Shaposhnik <>
Subject Re: my pTLP view
Date Sat, 24 Jan 2015 00:47:54 GMT
On Fri, Jan 23, 2015 at 4:18 PM, jan i <> wrote:
> Remember we talk rules here, and rules should be made so the reflect what
> we want, and I believe it is important that the community is represented in
> the PMC, not 100% but also not 0%.

I still don't understand what's the extra bit of 'shine' that PMC posses
that makes it so desirable? What do you think the original community
(all committers) would NOT be able to do if they are not part of
the PMC? To me, it boils down to two things:
   #1 vote on releases
   #2 vote on new committers
I honestly don't see anything else.

Now, with #1 -- this is business as usual. No changes to IPMC model.
#2 actually raises a good point: if you want to conduct that vote
on private@ how do you make sure the community's vote count?
My answer is simple: open up private to all of the committers on pTLP
(C == PPMC is what most of them should be doing anyway). Make
them vote. Beyond a slight optics issue this is no different from a TLP
PMC conducting a vote and then forwarding it to the board. The board
reserves the right to say 'no', but how many times has it been

> I read the rules instead of believing in "should". If a PMC does not like a
> technical direction, they can block it totally within the rules, even if
> all non-PMC prefers it.

No. I don't think they can. Do you know of a precedent?

> I think my problem is that I agree with both you and Roman, The PMC should
> leave technical matters including releases to the total community. But
> alone by talking about "binding" and "non-binding" votes creates two
> levels, and if the PMC does not include the incoming community the
> disconnect gets bigger.

Then, may be, the problem is that our terminology doesn't reflect our
values (and I hope we can all agree which one out of these two
needs to be tweaked).


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