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From Roman Shaposhnik <>
Subject [VOTE] Recommend retirement for NPanday poddling
Date Wed, 21 Jan 2015 22:13:37 GMT
This is a vote on recommending a retirement option
for the NPanday poddling.

It comes on the hills of the general consensus of
the NPanday community and its mentors that
retirement is the only viable path at this point:

NPanday entered incubator on 13th of August 2010:
Up until 2012 the poddling was doing reasonably well,
producing two releases and adding mentors and
committers. Starting from 2012 the community started
to dwindle and no further releases were produced.
Starting from 2014 the poddling really struggled to
regain vitality despite of numerous attempts to help
by Brett Porter and Konstantin Boudnik. The most
visible attempt was in July/August 2014 and resulted in
a spur of JIRA and ML activity, but couldn't be sustained
without direct involvement of Brett and Konstantin:
Starting from September the poddling was back to
the usual levels:
while missing Incubator reports:
and having absolutely 0 commits coming into the repository.
It now appears that that all of the PPMC has been disengaged
and the user community for the project is pretty much non existent.

IPMC has been monitoring the situation all throughout 2014:
and at this point it feels like the most production option would
be to recommend retirement of the poddling. Should
the VOTE pass, Konstantin and myself are volunteering
to take care of the poddling retirement mechanics.

Vote will run for at least 72 hours (to 1/26/14, noon PST).

[ ] +1 Recommend retiring NPanday poddling from the Incubator.
[ ] +/-0 Don't care, but...
[ ] -1 Don't recommend retiring NPanday poddling from the Incubator because ...


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