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From Tim Ellison <>
Subject Re: Mail command to allow marvin emails
Date Wed, 26 Nov 2014 09:23:58 GMT
On 25/11/14 19:39, sebb wrote:
> On 25 November 2014 at 17:58, Tim Ellison <> wrote:
>> On 25/11/14 14:59, John D. Ament wrote:
>>>> On Nov 25, 2014, at 3:03 AM, Tim Ellison <> wrote:
>> <snip>
>>>>> When you get the MODERATE mail you should replyAll and send the
>>>>> acknowledgement to the *-accept-* and *-allow-tc.* addresses.
>>> So, if in the future we wanted to do this proactively we can send
>>> or does it always require the first failed message?
>> The "allow" mail address contains some hashing, so it looks like this
> That is a special address for confirming an allow.
>> (I made that one up so nobody tries to allow it ;-)
>> I guess you have to wait for the first failed, but not sure.
> No, moderators can [un]subscribe any e-mails at any time.
> This includes subscribing an e-mail to the allow list
> e.g.

Good to know, thanks sebb, and apologies to Alex who called it a couple
of days ago!

I'm not sure I understand the practical difference between "confirming
an allow" and "subscribing the e-mail to the allow list" as they seem to
have the same effect, i.e. why would the moderate e-mail need the
hashed-up string, and not just use

Back to John's original question then,

> Does anyone know the mail command to send out to allow marvin emails
> to get to a list without moderation?

from what I just learnt, it would be for the moderator to send mail to


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