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From Sean Owen <>
Subject Re: Bloated NOTICE files are evil
Date Sat, 11 Oct 2014 18:47:56 GMT
On Sat, Oct 11, 2014 at 7:26 PM, Ted Dunning <> wrote:
> On Sat, Oct 11, 2014 at 11:08 AM, Sean Owen <> wrote:
>> On Sat, Oct 11, 2014 at 7:02 PM, Ted Dunning <>
>> wrote:
>> > Netty's artifacts ("its distribution") do not include a notice.  Thus,
>> They most certainly do. Please download the distribution of Netty 4.0.20:
>> and find the NOTICE.txt file.
> You are confusing different distributions.  Netty provides a source
> distribution which does include a NOTICE file.  Netty also provides binary
> (jar) distributions.  These do not include a NOTICE file.

I think this is a fair question. Did the Netty project intend the
NOTICE file to pertain only to the source distribution? from its
contents, it pertains to the binary distro too, since the binary form
contains the elements referenced in the NOTICE.

I supposed I'd expect erring a bit on the side of the intent and
spirit from the ASF in interpreting these things, but hey, let's stick
to technicalities. Just taking the first example -- Netty contains
among other things a modified version of Webbit, a BSD-licensed
library. Drill is distributes this code. Where is this in LICENSE?
It's not even in NOTICE which would be "close" and reference its own
LICENSE, but you don't distribute the NOTICE even. This is the problem
with trying to cut it so fine.

It's such a rabbit hole to be sure, and the little downside to being
blessed with freely accessing so many others' projects. I struggled
for a while on Spark with this and still probably don't have it all
right. I mean, shouldn't someone take a look at the many other
dependencies? this is just one I ran into as a spectator. Why the
hostility? just stick to the discussion of the license please.

It does make you think twice about redistributing all this third party
code, once you see what it requires.

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