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From Roman Shaposhnik <>
Subject [DISCUSS] Proposal for a Black Duck POC
Date Mon, 31 Mar 2014 00:52:15 GMT

a few recent discussions around IP management
in the Incubator have lead to an interesting dialogue
between the fine folks from Black Duck Software and
yours truly.

The main ides here is that, perhaps, Black Duck
services can be as helpful to the open source
communities as the ones provided by the likes
of free Coverity scans.

Of course, the best way to assess how much value
this potential collaboration can bring to the ASF
projects is to run a POC and see for ourselves.
Also, I think, if there's a single place in the ASF that
would benefit the most from additional pair of eyes
looking for potential IP related issues that would be
incubating projects.

Hence, I'd like to propose that we do just that: run
a POC on a couple of projects identified by the
Incubator community. I will be the central contact
person for this, but I'd very much appreciate folks
volunteering to help.

This thread aims at three things:
    1. collecting general feedback on whether
    this is a good or bad idea.

    2. folks volunteering to help with the POC
    (if needed).

    3. folk suggesting Incubator projects
    for the first POC that we run with Black Duck.

Please share your thoughts and feedback!


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