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From Sebastian Schaffert <>
Subject [VOTE] Release Apache Marmotta 3.1.0-incubating
Date Mon, 30 Sep 2013 10:17:19 GMT
Dear all,

After several months of work since the last incubating release
(3.0.0-incubating) in April, we are now ready to release version
3.1.0-incubating. We fixed all the remaining issues that have been
discussed in April (see thread [1]) plus many more technical issues. We
have already held a vote that was open for more than 72 hours on the Apache
Marmotta developer mailinglist [2]. The vote concluded [3] with 7 positive
votes, of which 2 have been binding from IPMC members (Andy and Nandana)
and the remaining 5 from the Apache Marmotta developers.

I'd therefore like to ask the general incubator to check our release
candidate. The release notes are available at the Jira Issue Tracker [4].
The vote form is included at the bottom of this mail.




A candidate for the Marmotta 3.1.0-incubating release is available at:

The release candidate is based on the sources tagged with 3.1.0-incubating

The release candidate consists of the following source distribution
- apache-marmotta-3.1.0-
  SHA1 of ZIP: 763c39dc9d7eb1c7d8fad83742b08f44b6fa5527
  SHA1 of TGZ: 0f7f3395f22aeeaa4a402f1b08048c84899d9729

In addition, the following supplementary binary distributions are provided:
- apache-marmotta-3.1.0-incubating-installer.[zip|tar.gz]
  SHA1 of ZIP: d7417a711a7f80eb29eb93ec75744a314fcf2edd
  SHA1 of TGZ: 4606fe743f607215dd4f3f39d8506852f529b617
- apache-marmotta-3.1.0-incubating-ldpath.[zip|tar.gz]
  SHA1 of ZIP: 4f4db937e0064a4393039b6fb8277be166a971ab
  SHA1 of TGZ: 5d63f972df2306afec96aa1a8931c4d0dabb2f75
- apache-marmotta-3.1.0-incubating-webapp.[zip|tar.gz]
  SHA1 of ZIP: e8e168a29e398cda9220a793958b825a906a3142
  SHA1 of TGZ: 80d022d316e727b5f011069eec6dc9793b174838

A staged Maven repository is available for review at:

Please vote on releasing this package as Apache Marmotta 3.1.0-incubating.
The vote is open for the next 72 hours and passes if a majority of at
least three +1 Marmotta PMC votes are cast.

[ ] +1 Release this package as Apache Marmotta 3.1.0-incubating
[ ]  0 I don't feel strongly about it, but I'm okay with the release
[ ] -1 Do not release this package because...


Release Notes - Marmotta - Version 3.1-incubating

** Sub-task
    * [MARMOTTA-216] - Implement JOIN improvements
    * [MARMOTTA-217] - Implement FILTER improvements
    * [MARMOTTA-218] - Integrate in marmotta-sparql

** Bug
    * [MARMOTTA-28] - Implement tests for core that take into account
triple store changes
    * [MARMOTTA-63] - Triplestore: garbage collector for nodes currently
not working properly
    * [MARMOTTA-66] - Rework sesame-commons ResourceUtils
    * [MARMOTTA-143] - unable to import big files
    * [MARMOTTA-150] - BNodes are a dead end in the Linked Data Explorer
    * [MARMOTTA-154] - Youtube video provider doesn't fetch the keywords
    * [MARMOTTA-155] - 3-char lang-tags are not accepted
    * [MARMOTTA-156] - Add Logback configuration to all tests to
enable/disable debug logging
    * [MARMOTTA-170] - file-store (meta) for ldcache-backend-file contains
wrong comments
    * [MARMOTTA-171] - remove legacy subdirs from src/main/webapp in
    * [MARMOTTA-186] - LDPath parser fails on local names that contain '.'
    * [MARMOTTA-187] - ldpath extension for CM does not recognize local
names with '.' or '-'
    * [MARMOTTA-191] - SPARQL graph results fails under some circunstances
    * [MARMOTTA-197] - ldpath is loosing brackets on re-serialisation
    * [MARMOTTA-204] - Update to Sesame 2.7.1
    * [MARMOTTA-205] - Turtle-Exports do not contain any language tags
    * [MARMOTTA-206] - Strictly follow the standard formatting on the NOTICE
    * [MARMOTTA-208] - Meta Put Webservice Deleting Tuples Incorrectly
    * [MARMOTTA-213] - Address the issues on our NOTICE files
    * [MARMOTTA-214] - Memento timestamp does not use the right template
    * [MARMOTTA-221] - ldpath is loosing quotes for StringConstants on
    * [MARMOTTA-225] - Serializing ldpath field mappings with URIs as
fieldname does not work correctly
    * [MARMOTTA-227] - Snorql uses different set of prefixes in the query
evaluation than the showed at the user interface
    * [MARMOTTA-231] - Admin Interface: changing list values does not work
    * [MARMOTTA-232] - Reasoner does not add all justifications
    * [MARMOTTA-234] - Loading webjars resources doesn't work
    * [MARMOTTA-235] - facading with primitive types (int, long, float,
etc) results in ClassCastExeption
    * [MARMOTTA-236] - triple-leak with concurrent connections in facading
    * [MARMOTTA-240] - MediaWiki provider is not detecting all redirects.
    * [MARMOTTA-242] - LdPath Templating shoud set default output-encoding
    * [MARMOTTA-243] - Fix JRebel configuration
    * [MARMOTTA-247] - URNs are not properly handled by the Linked Data
    * [MARMOTTA-253] - Delete context does not work for external URIs
    * [MARMOTTA-254] - Triples are not available after import
    * [MARMOTTA-266] - Upgrade to RestEasy 3.0
    * [MARMOTTA-272] - LDP drafts for review in preparation of W3C Last Call
    * [MARMOTTA-274] - Database queries on big tables result in out of
memory error
    * [MARMOTTA-275] - SPARQL Query Form in Admin-UI is using wrong server
    * [MARMOTTA-277] - Fix the Monitoring (Task) Service
    * [MARMOTTA-278] - GC causes DoS
    * [MARMOTTA-280] - SPARQL Timeout: Too many error messages and invalid
    * [MARMOTTA-283] - Triples are removed in DELETE/INSERT statement
    * [MARMOTTA-284] - Database Error during SPARQL Update
    * [MARMOTTA-288] - Snorql requests prefixes to the wrong path
    * [MARMOTTA-289] - JQuery is missing from the Linked Data Explorer
    * [MARMOTTA-290] - NullPointerException when creating directories under
    * [MARMOTTA-297] - Error in the KiWi ValueFactory with long literals
    * [MARMOTTA-298] - NullPointerException submitting a SPARQL Query
    * [MARMOTTA-299] - NullPointerException initializing the platform
    * [MARMOTTA-300] - Linked Data Explorer: resources not found
    * [MARMOTTA-302] - Linked Data Explorer: no info link shown for
inferred triples
    * [MARMOTTA-305] - Linked Data Webservice: non-existant resources
return status code 200 instead of 404

** Improvement
    * [MARMOTTA-41] - Implement tests for kiwi-tripletable
    * [MARMOTTA-110] - Split LDPath backend API
    * [MARMOTTA-124] - Update to Java-7
    * [MARMOTTA-135] - Provide a single SPARQL endpoint
    * [MARMOTTA-181] - Update Flint SPARQL editor to most recent version
    * [MARMOTTA-215] - Select LDPath relative to a Graph/Context
    * [MARMOTTA-219] - CM-Plugin for LDPath sould support comments
    * [MARMOTTA-226] - Support timeouts for SPARQL queries
    * [MARMOTTA-230] - Update to Commons3
    * [MARMOTTA-233] - Adopt Bootstrap as base html framework for the admin
    * [MARMOTTA-260] - Remove sesame-tools-rio-rdfjson in favour of
    * [MARMOTTA-261] - Remove sesame-tools-rio-jsonld in favour of
    * [MARMOTTA-292] - Update Codemirror to version 3.x
    * [MARMOTTA-293] - Support fully qualified context names importing

** New Feature
    * [MARMOTTA-18] - Versioning: Allow deleting old versions
    * [MARMOTTA-19] - Versioning: allow reverting old versions
    * [MARMOTTA-145] - Provide a local directory where automatically import
    * [MARMOTTA-161] - Allow retry attempts when caching a resource failed
    * [MARMOTTA-212] - Extend the Rule API to support just evaluation
    * [MARMOTTA-220] - CM plugin for the (s)kwrl reasoning language
    * [MARMOTTA-273] - Implement string equals functioninality
    * [MARMOTTA-291] - Local import to a concrete named context

** Task
    * [MARMOTTA-13] - Setup mvn site for generating the Website from the
    * [MARMOTTA-80] - Improve KiWi SPARQL evaluation for certain queries
    * [MARMOTTA-128] - Reimplement JSON-LD parser and serializer
    * [MARMOTTA-149] - Provide useful content at the admin pages
    * [MARMOTTA-169] - autowired ldpath functions superclass is still
called LMFLDPathFunction
    * [MARMOTTA-184] - Provide an implementation of DC to PROV mappings
based on our reasoner
    * [MARMOTTA-211] - Provide documentation for the Sesame Fa├žading
    * [MARMOTTA-246] - Provide upgrade scripts for the latest changes of
the schema
    * [MARMOTTA-301] - Properly test the platform and store

** Test
    * [MARMOTTA-237] - 137 Tests are ignored
    * [MARMOTTA-285] - Implement/Integrate Sesame SPARQL Testsuite into KiWi

** Wish
    * [MARMOTTA-249] - Provide prefix deletion

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