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From Roman Shaposhnik <>
Subject Re: Vote on personal matters: majority vote vs consensus
Date Mon, 25 Mar 2013 00:11:03 GMT
On Sat, Mar 23, 2013 at 1:02 PM, Christian Grobmeier
<> wrote:
> We have not found a consens, but one might highlight Roy Fieldings e-mail:
> I still think like Joe and feel that consensus should not apply in the
> IPMC. We are way to different to normal PMCs. As IPMC members we have
> no code which we can veto. Its all about accepting podlings,
> discussing rules and mentoring.

I agree on this point. Code contributions are way stickier business
compared to any kind of decision that incubator project is entrusted
with. Incubator is way more into 'soft skills' if you ask me and hence
a simple majority as a decision making tools makes much more sense.

> Personally I would like to see the IPMC separating IPMC-ship and
> Mentor-ship. I have proposed this already, but it seems nobody else
> except me wants that. So I am proposing now to reconsider Joes
> original proposal and change our community voting to a majority voting
> unless we restructure the IPMC.

I think at this point I'd rather NOT conflate the 2 issues (although
I do agree that both merit a discussion thread).

Can we go ahead with a potential proposal for IPMC to adopt a
simple majority rule?

Personally, I've come to appreciate that the sheer size of IPMC
could be an advantage here. Projects with a small size of PMC
do have to worry about outliers in their voting - we, on the other
hand, have way less chance of something outlandish passing
just because there are a couple of dudes who went into the
same bar on the same night.

> I would also like to suggest that this time we finish the discussion
> with a vote.



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