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From Adam Berry <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] [PROPOSAL] Hadoop Development Tools
Date Thu, 18 Oct 2012 16:28:17 GMT

Ultimately I would like this project to be the definitive place to go for development tools
for Hadoop and related projects. So if there was a drive to support multiple IDEs that would
be great and something I would be completely behind.

The reason I proposed it this way is this seems like a reasonably scoped incubator project
that has a clear need in the existing community. I think it would be better to deliver solid
Eclipse based tools, than promise tools for all IDEs and end up not able to deliver anything.

I think a design goal of separating out as much core work for reuse would be sensible even
in the initial stages, so that we have an eye on later supporting other tools if the community
drives us that way.

I will update the proposal later on to include that, and additionally some idea of how we
could support streaming from within the IDE.

Great comments though folks, keep 'em coming!


On Oct 18, 2012, at 10:53 AM, Simone Gianni wrote:

> I think it's a good idea, I used the old stuff at the time and it is
> something that is missing.
> 2012/10/18 Steve Loughran <>
>> it may be good to have a proposal that is broader than just eclipse; gives
>> you flexibility in future even if the initial target is the eclipse plugin.
>> Certainly "Hadoop Development Tools" is pretty broad
> Steve you are right, but I'm afraid that given how the Eclipse framework
> requires tight coupling with Eclipse stuff (SWT, workbench system etc..)
> it's not easy to develop something that can easily be reused on different
> platforms.
> However, it could be possible to distribute a stand alone RCP application
> for those not using Eclipse, and eventually try to implement a "generic
> Hadoop-UI bridge", as far as possible agnostic of specific Eclipse classes
> and interfaces, that could eventually be reused for other IDEs.
> Simone

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