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From Florian Holeczek <>
Subject Content-Encoding, License for .graffle file, Was: Fwd: [VOTE] Release celix-0.0.1-incubating
Date Tue, 30 Oct 2012 20:18:34 GMT
Hi all,

taking this out of the Celix vote thread in order to keep it tidy.

Sebb wrote:
> The file documents/Celix.graffle does not have a license.

In JSPWiki, we have a .graffle file, too. Although this is XML, I consider this a binary file,
just like a JPEG image for example. It's the document format of Graffle, a graphics software
for Mac OS X.

> I agree that the download problem is not a blocker for the release. Until it is fixed,
I suggest adding a note to any vote e-mails to warn reviewers about the problen.
> Using wget, I was able to download the archive, sig and hashes.

The problem underneath is: When the browser tells "Accept-Encoding gzip" in its HTTP request
header, it can be that a .gz download gets gzipped again. Although the server correctly responses
with "Content-Encoding gzip", the browser may not handle this download correctly and save
it double gzipped to disk. So you end up with a file .tar.gz which in fact is a .tar.gz.gz
format. Gunzipping this manually leads to the correct data.
* there isn't any real data corruption and
* it seems to be at least not only the server part which is to blame here


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