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From drew <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Apache OpenOffice Community Graduation Vote
Date Sat, 25 Aug 2012 15:52:51 GMT
On Sat, 2012-08-25 at 06:45 -0700, Benson Margulies wrote:
> I submit that this sub-thread has reached the end of its useful lifetime.


After a re-read of this thread, along with similar on the AOO dev/priv
list and referenced ASF policy, or best practices, docs., I fully agree.

Honestly, after this review my thinking has changed somewhat and there
seems value still to be had in assuring that everyone is chasing the
same ends.   I'd like to address this in a context of project goals and
best way to attain them, as an ASF project, so will move the general
discussion back to AOO dev.

I think the group can come to a reasonable consensus from that approach
quickly. Then, _if_ (or which) specific changes to current ASF norms
truly are needed, to best attain those goals, can go through the proper
steps - which isn't this thread ;) 

Also - It may very well be that what needs addressing is already in the
pipeline, IMO.



> The IPMC's view of binaries is clear, and the IPMC believes that its
> views reflect the will of the board. 'Official' binaries, like
> binaries signed with a certificate with the Foundation's name on it,
> are not currently permissible. Roughly, the same questions of how the
> voting members of a PMC could meaningfully check a release before
> voting apply to both questions.
> If you want to engage with the board on this, by all means, there is
> board@. It's a complete waste of time to argue on this list and this
> thread about the Foundation's governance.
> In the mean time, AOO releases can continue to have 'convenience
> binaries', sans signatures.

> Since this is a community vote thread (!) and not an IPMC vote thread,
> I further submit that all of us IPMC members should get out of the way
> and leave it to the mentors to sort out the disconnect between
> Foundation policy and AOO needs/wants. To quote the mentors from a
> previous conversation, if people want to join in the process, they
> should become mentors and fully engage.
> Of course, a discussion thread started here to solicit the IPMC's
> opinion on graduation would be another matter entirely.
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