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From Jukka Zitting <>
Subject Incubator release task force
Date Thu, 26 Jul 2012 14:10:32 GMT

The Incubator ships about half a dozen releases each month on average,
but our release process is notoriously lengthy, fraught with problems,
and badly documented. If this was any other project, we'd have had a
well-oiled release process in place already years ago.

Much of our extra release overhead can of course be attributed to the
high release manager turnaround (ideally nobody would make more than
one or at most a few incubating releases) and the different
requirements (source layout, build process, packaging style,
distribution channels, etc.) of different podlings. However, there's
much that we could do that so far hasn't been done or has been
sidetracked. For example, our current release guide [1] is the result
of quite a bit of work, but without a clear vision accompanied with a
process of incremental improvements it's become a mess that few people
read, let alone understand.

I'd like to start fixing this by forming a "release task force" of a
handful of volunteers who are ready to invest an hour or two per week
to work on a) helping podlings get their releases out, b) migrating
/dist/incubator to svnpubsub by the end of this year as requested by
infra, c) improving related documentation, and d) proposing updates to
the Incubator release policy if needed to streamline the process. In
concrete terms I'd like the task force to 1) be the first port of call
for podlings who're failing to get enough +1s from their mentors and
2) to contribute a short updates (one sentence to one paragraph) on
their progress for inclusion in the monthly Incubator board reports.

Anyone interested?



Jukka Zitting

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