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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject Re: Keeping an eye out for new committers
Date Mon, 19 Mar 2012 14:42:44 GMT
On Friday, March 16, 2012 04:28:06 PM Alan Gates wrote:
> With my mentor hat on, this is a poke to remind you (the PPMC) that it's
> your job to be on the lookout for contributors that may be ready to
> become committers.
> I look for several things when I consider making someone a committer:
> 1) Patches, are they contributing quality features and/or bug fixes. They
> don't have to have written a new subsystem, but you want to look for
> patches that demonstrate understanding in some area, not just spelling
> fixes in error messages, etc.  

I just want to mention that patches that fix "just spelling fixes in error 
messages, etc."  shouldn't be discounted so harshly.   In CXF, one of the 
historically most active contributors got started by deluging us with such 
patches.   We made him a committer (so he could fix all of that himself) 
which helped build his confidence and he's expanded out from there.   His 
work just on the spelling mistakes and messages and stuff has been a big 
help in making things "feel" more professional, especially in a projects 
where a large number of people don't have english as their native language.   

All contributions are welcome and have value.   Just because it may not be 
technical in nature doesn't make them have any less value from a "should 
this person be a committer" standpoint.   

But the rest of this is good.  :-)


> One good way to find what patches a
> contributor has done is to look over the contributor report from JIRA. 
> You can get this by going to your project's JIRA, and under the reports
> drop down on the right side, click on "Contribution Report".
> 2) Emails, comments on JIRA, etc. giving others feedback, answering user
> questions, etc.  Again you can use the contribution report to see JIRA
> comments.  You can find emails in the mailing list archives for your
> project.
> 3) Is this person good to work with?  Do they give constructive feedback? 
> Do they take feedback well?
> 4) Does this person seem likely to stay involved?  All Apache positions
> are volunteer and so we can't ask people to sign up for a period of time
> or promise to be around forever.  But if I sense that a contributor is
> just fixing one problem they need fixed, I usually wait to see if they
> continue their involvement after that issue is addressed before
> nominating them as a committer.
> Alan.
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