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From sebb <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release jena-tdb-0.9.0-incubating (RC2)
Date Sun, 12 Feb 2012 12:22:13 GMT
On 8 February 2012 13:03, Andy Seaborne <> wrote:
> The Jena PPMC has voted to release
>  Apache Jena TDB 0.9.0-incubating
> and we would now be grateful if members of IPMC would review and vote for
> this release.
> == Overview
> This will be the second incubator release for by Jena; it's the first Apache
> release for the TDB module.
> Jena is composed of a number of modules.  Historically, they have been
> released semi-independently, sort of "flying in formation".  We intend to
> switch to a more integrated build process and we want to create the time to
> do that by making this first Apache release of TDB now.
> Jena TDB is currently delivered as maven artifacts for the jar and also a
> single distribution file as a zip or tar.gz containing all the jars and
> their dependencies so users have a "download and unpack" option.
> == Project vote
> Result:
> Call for VOTE:
> == Staging repository

This contains the source and binary archives, which are not normally
released to Maven repos.
IMO they should be deleted - they are not usable by Maven.

The jars need to contain valid NOTICE files; however the files start as follows:


Copyright 2012 The Apache Software Foundation

TDB is not valid as the component name on its own; there should not be
a leading blank line either.

> Direct link to TDB area in staging:
> == Proposed dist/ area:
> The following will be added to the existing distribution area:

There is some confusion over the directory structure and naming here.

The top-level dir contains binary zip and tar archives, but no source archive.
The subdir jena-tdb-0.9.0-incubating/ contains what appears to the the
source archive, but only as a zip.
It also contains several jars, which are not generally released to dist/

Also the source zip has a different name prefix from the binary zip
There is no source tar.gz file.
Normally both binary and source archives are released in the same formats.

I would expect to find a directory structure more like


where the top-level contains the KEYS file, and the sub dirs contain
the appropriate archives.

Other arrangements are possible, but the source and binary archives
should be at the same level.

The binary archive contains jars for icu4j and slf4j, but these are
not mentioned in the license file.
Depending on the license, they may also need to be mentioned in the notice file.

> will be added to:
> == Keys

Should also be in the dist tree as mentioned above.

> == SVN tag
> The module is currently tagged with the version and "-RC-2".  If voted on
> successfully, the tag will be changed ("svn mv") to the same but minus the
> "RC" labelling.

There's something wrong with the tag - why does it have a directory
called trunk/ ?

The source archive also includes the trunk directory tree.

Also, best not to include Eclipse files and folders (.classpath,
.project, .settings/) in SVN.
Unfortunately these are not portable so can cause problems for
developers who have a slightly different setup (e.g. different default
If you want to include sample versions, stick them in a subfolder or
give them a different name, e.g. eclipse.classpath.
[Unlike the other issues, this is not a blocker]

> Please vote on this release:
>  [ ] +1 Approve the release of Apache Jena, module TDB 0.9.0-incubating
>  [ ] -1 Don't release, because ...

The binary N&L files need to be sorted out before release.
The tag and the packaging also need to be sorted out before release.

> This vote will be open until:
>  Saturday 11/February 23:59 UTC
> (72 hours from the same hour tonight).
> As well as the vote, we'd also appreciate any feedback for improving our
> release process and project generally.
>    Andy
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