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From Joe Schaefer <>
Subject Re: migrating the main site to the CMS- a simple approach
Date Wed, 15 Feb 2012 01:10:32 GMT
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> From: sebb <>
> To: Joe Schaefer <>
> Cc: "" <>
> Sent: Tuesday, February 14, 2012 7:59 PM
> Subject: Re: migrating the main site to the CMS- a simple approach
> On 14 February 2012 22:47, Joe Schaefer <> wrote:

>>  I committed which implements the necessities.  All we
>>  need to do is ferret thru the build output to ensure everything
>>  matches up with the source material.  The simplest way to do this
>>  is to rm -rf the site-publish dir in your local checkout and then
>>  do an ant build (assuming you have svn 1.7 here) after recreating
>>  an empty site-publish dir.  Then svn status will tell you which
>>  files are missing by indicating those lines with an "!" prefix.
>>  I hope that those missing files can simply be copied back to
>>  the site-author dir and that a subsequent build will fix the
>>  "missing" lines in svn status.  I have a hunch this will be a
>>  nontrivial list given the number of times I've seen people commit
>>  stuff to the wrong tree, but maybe my pessimism of late is unwarranted
>>  here.
>>  I don't have a handy way of carrying this out, and while there's no
>>  particular rush to get this done soon I would appreciate it if someone
>>  could do the necessary work here.
> I've made a start on it, but don't have time to complete it for a few
> days, probably Monday at the earliest.
> The first thing to do is to decide if the following directory tree can
> be junked:
> site-publish/projects/altrmi/
> I suspect it can, as altrmi has moved elsewhere, but I just want to
> check it's not being kept for historical reasons.
> The other files currently only in site-publish are:
> !           1243649   site-publish\projects\geronimo\status.html
> !           1243649   site-publish\projects\geronimo\status.pdf
> !           1243649   site-publish\projects\lcf.html
> !           1243649   site-publish\projects\geronimo-proposal.html
> !           1243649   site-publish\projects\ruper.html
> Again I'm not sure if these files are required or can be deleted.

Thanks sebb!  Again this work is all gating on infra updating the cms server
to running FreeBSD 9 with fresh ports, which we are currently having some
issues with.  Optimistically this should happen within the next 30 days tho,
but it's certainly good to see the early initiative!

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