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From Luciano Resende <>
Subject Rebooting PhotArk
Date Tue, 17 Jan 2012 22:18:20 GMT
Apache PhotArk will be a complete open source photo gallery
application including a content repository for the images, a display
piece, an access control layer, and upload capabilities. The idea is
to have a rigid design for the content repository with a very flexible
display piece. The images in the content repository will be protected
with granular access control.

We have a community consisted mostly by GSoC students that stayed
around and became committers. There is also another issue around
activity drilling down for a bit after GSoC finishes and students get
back to student work, exams, etc which culminate on basically 0
activity for PhotArk on the last few months.

One of the ideas being discussed around rebooting PhotArk is to move
away from being a "photo repository,....,and upload capabilities" and
becoming more like a mobile application that would aggregate trough
multiple online/social photo sources (e.g. facebook, flickr, etc)
which would deviate a bit from the original proposal of the podling.
In case the community wants to move towards that direction, do we need
to amend or do any special process on updating the podling proposal,
etc ?

Luciano Resende

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