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From Matt Benson <>
Subject DeltaSpike IP clarifications
Date Mon, 16 Jan 2012 19:49:05 GMT
Hi, all--per [1], "Generally, the mentors of a new project will need
to consult with or the Apache legal team
about the particular circumstances."  So, here I am.

The situation can be read in detail at [2], but in short is this:
DeltaSpike is intended to amalgamate "best of" add-on solutions from
the Java EE community with regard to the "Contexts and Dependency
Injection for the Java EE platform" (CDI) specification.  Thus its
sources may incorporate code originating from numerous sources, but
due to a number of reasons including e.g. anticipated feature overlap,
it does not seem appropriate to include whole codebases under software
grants.  The specific question at the moment regards code to which Red
Hat holds the copyright.  The ASF has a filed CCLA from Red Hat, but I
have been taking the position that we still need some form of
assurance that code relating to CDI (primarily embodied in the Solder
and Seam) projects is *specifically* approved for contribution to
DeltaSpike.  I'll present the basic question in multiple-choice form
(with options shown in order of difficulty):

What do we need to show provenance?
  a.  Nothing.  Stop being so damned paranoid.  The CCLA is enough.
  b.  DeltaSpike's Red Hat-employed committers' assurance that their
employer is "on board."
  c.  A signed statement from Red Hat to the effect that their
employees are authorized to contribute CDI-related code.
  d.  A software grant for any codebase, even if we only intend to
cherry-pick from it.
  e.  Jim Whitehurst's eternal soul.
  f.  Something else, namely _____.

Matt on behalf of DeltaSpike


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