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From Raju Bitter <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Flex for Apache Incubator
Date Thu, 22 Dec 2011 13:28:18 GMT

That's definitely not what I'm trying to do. Based on the feedback I've
read here so far I'd say the following approach makes sense:

1) See that the contribution of the Flex SDK source code to Apache
happens very soon, to give the Apache Flex community a chance to start
working on it. This should have priority. Clear out any
legal/trademark problems related to the Flex which need to be resolved
in this phase.

2) Identify which things would have to be discussed with Adobe, e.g.
ActionScript standardization, independent of the initial Flex SDK
contribution. Identify what kind of information (or source code) might
be valuable for the community, if there ever was the plan to build an
independent runtime, and discuss with Adobe if they can provide any
help with it.

3) Keep projects like Falcon separate from Apache Flex, until the Falcon
team feels comfortable with the community to become involved with the
project (since Falcon will improve compilation speed by factor 10 for
ActionScript, and compilation time is a problem for many large
applications, the community seems to have a lot of interest in getting
Falcon out as quickly as possible).

4) Once Flex has been incubated, tackle other Adobe open source
projects which might be related to Flex/ActionScript/Flash, e.g.
  + Falcon JS
  + BlazeDS
  + ...

What I DO want is clarity on how much influence Adobe can exercise
indirectly on Flex/ActionScript WITHOUT involving the Apache community
process (through changes in specifications which directly affect the
Flex framework, the ActionScript compiler, or the runtime). If you are
interested in a prospering, successful Apache Flex project, that
should be in your interest as well.

But as Bertrand has said, I've raised the questions to early in the process.


On 12/22/11 11:30 AM, Greg Stein wrote:
> On Dec 22, 2011 5:05 AM, "Raju Bitter" <
> <>> wrote:
>  >...
>  > I know this message is very long, but I think these topics need some
>  > clarification.
> Honestly? My read of your message(s) is, "let's ask for so much stuff at
> the start, that this podling/community can never even get started."
> How about we recognize that some unique considerations exist, that Adobe
> is providing a great opportunity here, and let this nascent community
> actually get *started*?
> -g

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