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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Clarify the role of the Champion as an "incubation coordinator" (was: should podlings have informal chairs?)
Date Wed, 23 Nov 2011 20:25:23 GMT

: Which is exactly why I suggest extending/clarifying that role. The
: word Champion might not be ideal, but we already have it and if you
: read
: it can be understood to include those "new" responsibilities (as Chris
: indicates).

Except that in many situations the "Champion" who helps bring an outside 
project to the incubator may not actually have any vested interest in the 
long term success of the project, but an IPMC member who steps up and 
becomes a mentor may.  The "role" being described really sounds different 
from the original intent of the "Champion" label hence it may make snese 
to think of them as two differnt people.

ie: Someone from the WazBat project hosted on source forge may approach me 
at a confrence knowing that I'm involved with apache and ask about how 
they join.  I may think WazBat would make a good apache project, and i may 
want to encourage them to join the incubator and help them with the 
initial steps of hte process, but i may have no actual interest in being a 
participant/committer/mentor in the WazBat project -- under the current 
set of roles, i could serve as Champion helping them draft their proposal 
and "introducing" them to the Incubator and the Apache way, so that they 
can find mentors to then sheperd them through graduation.  But if you 
redefine the role, then if i'm not interested in that long term 
investment, i'm now skeptical / hesitant to help Champian a project.

Seems to me like the Champian role is just fine as it is, and a new role 
should be added to cover the new responsibilities.

: > Perhaps the Incubator can require that an incoming podling have a PVP (Podling
: > Vice President) who must be an ASF Member at the time of the proposal.  That
: > individual will be responsible for reporting, just as the eventual VP of a
: > top-level project would be.
: >
: > At any time during incubation, the podling may elect a new PVP...
: Vice President implies power, we don't want to give the impression
: that the Champion has any superpowers (reread the thread from which
: this one derives) - it's just a coordination role.

Isn't that true of the VP Role for all ASF Projects?  the title isn't 
abbout power but about responsibility?

Part of the goal of the Incubator is to get pdolings use to the apache way 
of doing things -- if they are going ot have to have a VP as a project 
(and are going to have to understand what exxactly it means to be VP) then  
wouldn't it be better to be consistent with the naming / responsibilities 
of that role while they are in the Incubator?


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