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From sebb <>
Subject [SITE] Champion identification in podlings.xml and website
Date Mon, 28 Nov 2011 11:23:22 GMT
As people may have seen, I added a <champion> entry to podlings.xml.
In the case of current podlings only, the entry is listed in the
sponsor column under the sponsor name.

The entries were extracted from the podling status files that listed
their champion (not all do), and hopefully gradually completed by
working back through the podling acceptance mails.

As is currently being discussed elsewhere - please don't bring that
discussion here - the proposal is to extend the Champion role into the
incubation phase.

Assuming this goes ahead in some form:

Do we want to list both the initial champion (prior to acceptance) and
the current champion (during incubation; may be the same)?

Or should we just list the current (incubation) champion?

Seems to me it would be useful during the transition period to list
the initial champions.
As the incubation champions are established (by continuation or
election), the <champion> entry could be updated to show that it is
current, and the display could be changed.
[Perhaps use italic for initial champion, normal font for podling
current champion]


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