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From Robert Burrell Donkin <>
Subject Re: concerns about high overhead in Apache incubator releases
Date Sun, 27 Nov 2011 20:47:09 GMT
On Sun, Nov 27, 2011 at 7:21 PM, Joe Schaefer <> wrote:
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>> From: Jun Rao <>
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>> Sent: Sunday, November 27, 2011 2:13 PM
>> Subject: concerns about high overhead in Apache incubator releases
>> Dear Apache members,
> [...]
>> 2. Different Apache members have different interpretations of the same rule.
>> It seems that there is no consensus on some of the basic rules even among
>> Apache members. For example, what constitutes a source distribution and
>> what should be put in the NOTICE file? Since all it takes is one negative
>> vote to block a release, this increases the turnover rate of RCs.
> NO.  The only time someone can claim to hold a veto over a release vote is
> when they are jibberjabbering about legal issues.  NOTICE errors really
> don't risk a lawsuit from anyone, so those -1's are NOT vetoes.


> (Now that I've written that, it's possible/probable that someone will offer
> you

a different opinion.

Sadly not today from me :-)

> What you should do as an incubating participant
> is challenge any such opinions with a reference to supporting website
> documentation.)


Exceptional cases do turn up from time to time

> Yes, I share your frustrations with the whole experience here in general.
> However, IME good and active mentors can mitigate a lot of the problems
> you face as a podling.  Yes there will be times when we have to argue things
> out, but that aspect is one of the features of an org that tries to stay
> flexible and not overrely on an abundance of rules set a long time ago.



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