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From Karl Pauls <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Graduate ACE from the Apache Incubator
Date Thu, 17 Nov 2011 13:43:00 GMT
On Thu, Nov 17, 2011 at 2:34 PM, sebb <> wrote:
> On 17 November 2011 12:51, Guillaume Nodet <> wrote:
>> As much as I don't like this layout, this is not the first projet to use
>> it, and I don't really see how / why the IPMC should decide the svn layout
>> for the project.   You won't be the one to manage it daily afaik, so that's
>> not up to you to decide imho.
> The SVN layout is less of a concern, although the lack of a single tag
> for a release is odd.
> Not all of the files in SVN trunk appear in releases/

Why would they have to? We don't release the complete svn trunk but
only the part of it that we want to release. Again, we have a modular
layout and we only release the modules we want to at a given time
_without_ releasing the complete trunk every time. Yes, that is more
work but we from the osgi/modular world prefer it over the problems we
get with big-bang releases.

That said, each binary artifact contains the necessary legal files and
-source.jar's are provided that contain the full source and necessary
legal files. I admit that it might take some getting used to if you
don't know maven well or are not used to modular osgi bundle releases
but please, look at the artifacts that have been released - not at the
svn trunk. We don't release the trunk, we release releases. They must
have legal files and full source and they do.



>> Sling and Felix already use such a layout and they are both TLP, so I
>> really don't see that as a problem.
>> On Thu, Nov 17, 2011 at 13:07, sebb <> wrote:
>>> On 17 November 2011 10:42, Marcel Offermans <>
>>> wrote:
>>> > In my opinion, ACE is ready to begin the process of graduating from the
>>> Apache Incubator to a Top Level Project.
>>> >
>>> > Since joining the incubator in in May 2009 we've added 4 new committers
>>> (12 in total now) from diverse organizations and did a release in May this
>>> year to demonstrate we follow the Apache guidelines. We've shown an ability
>>> to self-govern using accepted Apache practices and ACE continues to attract
>>> new contributors and users.
>>> >
>>> > The first step is to vote as a community, demonstrating that ACE is
>>> ready and willing to graduate. Once this vote is succesful we create a
>>> board resolution proposal or Charter and start a vote on the general
>>> incubator list. The full process is described at
>>> >
>>> > The vote is open for at least 72 hours.
>>> The last (and only) release was 0.8, as far as I can tell.
>>> There is no KEYS file in,
>>> and there does not appear to be a full source archive of the project
>>> anywhere.
>>> The download page does not have a link to any source archives as far
>>> as I can tell.
>>> It does link to KEYS in SVN, but almost all other ASF projects have a
>>> copy of KEYS in the appropriate /dist directory.
>>> Normally releases are divided into binaries/ and source/ directories,
>>> with a KEYS file in the top-level, i.e.
>>> /dist/incubator/ace
>>> - KEYS
>>> - binaries/ace
>>> - sources/
>>> Most of the files in the /dist/incubator/ace directory appear to be
>>> Maven artifacts; normally these are not stored in /dist but only in
>>> the Maven repo.
>>> Indeed most of the files are also in Maven Central. The only non-Maven
>>> files appear to be
>>> neither of which contains the source.
>>> I would expect the above zips to be in
>>> /dist/incubator/ace/binaries
>>> with corresponding source files in
>>> /dist/incubator/ace/source
>>> The SVN layout [1] is also a bit unusual.
>>> There is no tags/ directory for release tags, although there is a
>>> releases/ directory containing individual entries for each release for
>>> each component.
>>> This is likely to become unmanageable very quickly, if every release
>>> adds another 63 directory entries under releases/
>>> [1]
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Karl Pauls

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