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From Chris Douglas <>
Subject Re: concerns about high overhead in Apache incubator releases
Date Tue, 29 Nov 2011 00:49:54 GMT
On Mon, Nov 28, 2011 at 4:12 PM, David Crossley <> wrote:
> I cannot understand why people are confused on those points.

Empathy is hard when you've forgotten what it was like to learn the
topic. There is a lot of documentation, but it is not curated. To
apprehend the topic, one has to read the foundation bylaws, the
incubator guides, follow links to old mailing list threads, read the
httpd docs, community docs, and- as recommended earlier in this
thread- learn when to ignore people.

> Not everything was written in docs, and still not.
> Not everything needs to be, as lots is common sense.
> The email archives are "documents".

Whatever. This "back in the day" back-slapping helps nobody. The
incubator is supposed to be a curriculum for building a community at
Apache. This program is the equivalent of pointing students at
Wikipedia and berating them for failing tests.

> Once one understands the principles of why the ASF as a foundation
> needs to do certain things, then the so-called rules are obvious
> consequences.

Enumerate these principles and demonstrate the logical entailment of
source releases.

> Do not get hung up on so-called rules and so-called bureaucracy.
> Rather they are processes to enable smooth running
> of a Corporation.

Good advice for the IPMC. -C

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