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From Christian Grobmeier <>
Subject Re: [SITE] navigation
Date Thu, 13 Oct 2011 06:37:22 GMT
>> Another reason I don't see the need to change visited link colors is
>> the nature of the docs. I mean they are docs. Do you read docs only
>> one time? Not me, I read it often, it is unnecessary for know where I
>> was already. This is only necesasry if I have the same link pointing
>> to a page a thousand times.
> Another reason for a different colour is when the same link
> appears many times on the one page, as happens with many of
> our documentation. Visit it once only.

You have snipped the other issues, but they still are tied together
with your request.

It has been for a long time now that it is unwritten law that not
every occurrence of a keyword should lead to a specific page. For
example, if you write 10 times "podling guides" in the text, only the
first one leads to "podling guides". Not ten times.

If you do this and fix the other mentioned issues, it is very easy to
navigate and know where you were.

> The visited-links principle also applies within each document.
> If someone wants to thoroughly read a document, especially over
> a number of sittings, then they should be able to use the
> table-of-contents to know the sections that they have not yet read.
> This usability principle is even more important for documentation.

OK, and if you do not hit the link but scroll over the content then
how do you mark you link visited? Incubator pages are huge, people are
scrolling not clicking back and forth just to mark the link visited.
So you end up with two different colors, some of them showing what you
have read, some do not. Not very appealing.


> -David
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