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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: podlings.xml - field to hold details of non-current podlings
Date Mon, 24 Oct 2011 23:58:17 GMT
sebb wrote:
> Podlings can either graduate, go dormant or retire.
> There should be a reason for changing to state to dormant or retire;
> at present this is stored as additional text in the description field,
> which is not ideal.
> I'd like to add a new field (call it <foo> for now) to contain the
> details; possible better names for <foo> are:
> - disposition
> - resolution
> - comment
> - anything better?
> Note: the displayed table is already quite wide, so I don't propose to
> add another column to the HTML output.
> The <foo> text would still be included as as part of the description
> column; the main purpose is to retain the <description> as an
> independent field.
> In some cases, a URL might be relevant for retired projects; this
> could be added as an attribute of the <foo> tag
> In the case of graduated podlings, the reason is not really relevant.
> What would be useful is the new URL; this could be an attribute of the
> <foo> tag; the <foo> tag contents would in general be left empty for
> graduated projects.
> The URL could then be added as a link somewhere in the table.
> Thoughts?

Thanks. I reckon use "resolution" and "resolution@url"


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