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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: manage the ReportingSchedule
Date Fri, 21 Oct 2011 06:33:33 GMT
sebb wrote:
> Daniel Shahaf wrote:
> > David Crossley wrote:
> >>
> >> This reporting stuff is getting harder to manually manage.
> >> We now have sixty (yes 60) podlings currently in incubation.
> >>
> >> Can anyone see a way to improve this process?
> Maybe we can extend podlings.xml with a reporting section.
> This would need to define which quarterly shedule to use for each podling.
> It could also have a "monthly" override flag with an end-date.
> This would work for both initial monthly reporting, and potentially
> for monthly exit reporting (there was some talk of requiring monthly
> reporing for projects nearly ready to graduate) - just set a date far
> into the future.
> If the end-date was omitted, it could be derived from the project start date.
> I think this data would generally only need to be set once, and
> everything could be generated from it.
> However, at present the Reporting Schedule does act as a cross-check
> of podlings.xml.
> Would it matter if this cross-check were lost?

The cross-check was certainly necessary before we had
the new well-structured podlings.xml file.

It is not really the "ReportingSchedule" page that is problematic.
Although it is hard to encourage podlings to do the simple
tasks to keep it up-to-date. We could generate a similar page
on the Incubator website, using podlings.xml file. Then only
one file to maintain.

Rather, it is using the Wiki to do each monthly report, that i see
as not working well. The manual set-up of each monthly report
can really only be done close to the beginning of the month,
and it is tedious and error-prone.

I reckon that it would be better to use Incubator SVN for that,
similarly to how top-level projects do, where they commit their
reports directly into SVN text report and edit until ready.
We could reliably generate the report.txt skeleton via a script
at the beginning of the month.

This also gets them used to the eventual top-level process for
doing the reporting.

> > Isn't it a solved problem?  The board does *something* to manage
> > quarterly report from the ~100 PMCs it has...
> That something is committee-info.txt.
> However, that only sends e-mails to the PMC chair, which is not
> entirely suitable here.

The reminder part is working okay. Clutch gathers the data
and generates each "report_due_[1-3].txt" file holding the
dev list addresses, that our incubator-marvin utilises.


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