My name is Peter Korn, and I've been working on accessibility for the last 20 years. 

I started that career developing assistive technologies for folks with vision impairments, and then moved to Sun where I worked on platform accessibility frameworks.  Around 10 years ago I helped start the StarOffice/OpenOffice.org accessibility effort (and had the pleasure of meeting Malte, with whom I've worked for a good many years).  That's also the time I kicked off the GNOME accessibility effort. 

I've moved away from writing code on a regular basis, spending more time on accessibility policy, design, management, and related matters.  I am co-chair of the now-mostly-quiet OASIS ODF accessibility subcommittee, and helped with the analysis and fixes to the ODF spec.  I am Technical Manager of the AEGIS project [http://www.aegis-project.eu], where we are developing a number of extensions to OpenOffice.org/LibreOffice for accessibility, including the successful odt2daisy and odt2braille extensions (for creating digital talking books for folks with print impairments and embossing braille documents respectively), and a hopefully-soon-to-be-published extension to support language learning and writing via the concept-coding framework for folks with cognitive impairments - among other things. 

I doubt I'll contribute much direct code to the effort, but I look forward to helping with design decisions that affect accessibility.



Peter Korn | Accessibility Principal
Phone: +1 650 5069522
500 Oracle Parkway | Redwood City, CA 94065

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