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Subject Apache Incubator Proposal: Meritocracy and Committers for non-coders?
Date Thu, 02 Jun 2011 13:43:55 GMT
Simon Brouwer <> wrote on 06/02/2011 09:21:53 AM:

> >
> >> Should we add ourselfs as commiters?
> > If you would like to contribute here (possibly instead of, or in
> > addition, to your work at TDF), then yes! Please add yourself into the
> > proposal on the wiki.
> I had already been so bold as to adding myself to the list, expressing 
> my support to the proposal. I was wondering though. In the 
> project, many community members contribute in other ways 
> than committing code, for example by writing or translating 
> documentation, being active in the marketing project, taking part in QA. 

> Some concern has been expressed that, if the meritocratic system in 
> Apache is based on code contribution only, those community members are 
> not able to fully become part of the Apache project or 
> the Apache community.

Excellent question, Simon!

I've certainly seen QA committers.  I assume translators would be similar. 
 If you are contributing assets to the project, asserts that are checked 
in, and which should be peer reviewed and maintained, then the project 
needs a way to identify the project members are have the authority to 
check in these assets, but also the responsibility to review and check in 
the assets contributed by others.  Please someone correct me if I'm wrong, 
but I don't think Apache makes a distinction between someone who 
contributes C++ code versus Java code versus translations versus test 
cases versus help and documentation.  They all need to be contributed and 
reviewed and checked in.

What isn't clear to me are things like the following:

1) A strong QA member, who does manual testing, enters defect reports, 
does smoke tests, etc.  How do they advance in the meritocracy?  Is there 
any opportunity for them to be recognized as a committer and eventually as 
a PMC member? 

2) Ditto for someone working on marketing oriented aspects of the project, 
helping to arrange conferences, working on logos, etc.?

3) Ditto for someone on the build/release management side, for example, 
liaising with Linux distros to get them to include OpenOffice releases.

All of these roles (and others which I've surely missed) are critical to 
the project's success.  How does a project typically recognize the lead 
contributors in these areas?  Is it a case of "If it is not checked into 
the repository, it doesn't count" ??  I hope note.


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