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Subject Re: Question to IBM regarding license of Lotus Symphony
Date Sat, 04 Jun 2011 14:46:02 GMT
"Andreas Kuckartz" <> wrote on 06/04/2011 06:24:07 AM:

> I am involved in both copyleft and non-copyleft projects and write this
> as a member of the Open Source community in the broad sense.
> Some people wrote that the only option to make /
> LibreOffice code legally usable within IBM Lotus Symphony is to use a
> non-copyleft license such as ASL2.

A citation, please?  I don't recall seeing such a statement made.
> That does not seem to be true:
> I suppose IBM could make Lotus Symphony source code available under a
> license which is compatible with LGPL3.
> I also notice that IBM currently does not sell Lotus Symphony but makes
> binaries available for free:
> So my question to IBM is:
> Are you willing to consider open-sourcing IBM Lotus Symphony (even if
> only parts of it) ?
> If yes: which licenses would IBM be willing to consider ?

We've already contributed work from Symphony to  For 
example, we've done quite a bit of accessibility work that we contributed. 
 The TDF/LO developers are discussing how they might take this code from 
OOo (under LGPL) and integrate it into LO:

This is an example of one form of collaboration that we should continue to 
enable and encourage. 

The Symphony team is currently discussing what other features they are 
interesting in contributing initially.  I'll check to see if they have a 
list they are able to share at this point.  Obviously, as an Apache 
project, this would be under the Apache 2.0 license.

But please remember, there is no guarantee that the Apache OpenOffice 
project members will want all, or indeed any of our proposed 
contributions.  As you probably know, we have a radically different 
approach to the user interface. It would be presumptive for me to assume 
that this would necessarily be adopted by the community.  But we're 
willing to discuss this, along with other project members as we chart the 
evolution of OpenOffice.



> If those questions have already been answered than forgive me, there are
> a lot of mails to read regarding the / Apache Incubator
> proposal ;-)
> Cheers,
> Andreas
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