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Subject Re: Apache Incubator Proposal
Date Thu, 02 Jun 2011 18:12:05 GMT
Yegor Kozlov <> wrote on 06/02/2011 01:36:52 PM:

> > I can't speak for the whole project, but personally I'd be interested 
> > discussing how the POI mission statement could be expanded, and if 
> > work well for everyone.
> >
> On the web site we say that the Apache POI Project's mission is to
> create and maintain Java APIs for Microsoft Documents, but in the code
> we avoid any MS-specific terms such as 'Excel' and 'Word' and use more
> generic terms like 'Spreadsheet' and 'Document'. We (I mean POI team)
> really aim to be a general-purpose  API for Office documents, not
> necessarily MS Office. I don't see why we shouldn't put the ODF
> Toolkit under POI umbrella.
> >
> > Hopefully discussions on the POI dev list can shake out a few mentors 
> > happy to mentor an ODF Toolkit podling, but it'd take more than just 
> > then we could put together a proposal to bring in the ODF Toolkit. As 
> > has pointed out, it could be a 2nd proposal alongside the OOo one, and
> > potentially a quicker one to get in as the situation is simpler.
> >
> I'll be happy to mentor the ODF Toollkit too.

This is great news.  But since I'm a principal on the ODF Toolkit Union, 
as Steering Committee member, as well as one of the proposers on the 
OpenOffice proposal, I think I'll need to serialize these proposals.  I 
don't have bandwidth to work a second proposal until the OpenOffice 
podling gets kicked off.  But I promise you, I am interested, and I can 
get the right parties from the ODF Toolkit Union into this list once 
things get back to normal. (Normal does happen, right?)


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