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Subject Re: [OO.o] updated mailing lists in proposal
Date Mon, 06 Jun 2011 00:37:01 GMT
Greg Stein <> wrote on 06/05/2011 07:55:34 PM:

> I just updated the proposal to provide more detail on the requested
> mailing lists. Figured it would be good to discuss here.
> This is what I entered into the wiki:
> ----
> The following mailing lists:
> - for developer discussions
> - for Subversion commit messages
> - for JIRA change notifications
> - for continuous build/test 
> notifications
> Note: a users mailing is not being requested at this time. It is
> anticipated that users will interact with the community through
> existing systems.
> ----
> In particular, note the lack of a users mailing list. I don't think
> we'd want one to start, but may want it after a release is made during
> incubation. Thoughts?
> The other four lists are pretty standard for Apache projects. Feedback
> most welcome!

Could you review what user services Apache projects typically provide? I 
assume it is one or more mailing lists, a bug tracker, and a release 
repository.  Anything else?  User-facing blogs?  Forums, i.e., non-mail 
enabled by default, as opposed to mailing lists? 

In the initial discussions the thought was to divide the project web 
presence from the end-user web presence.  Reasons for this include the 
many thousands of inbound links to  But some systems need 
to be easily accessible to both users and project members, e.g., the bug 

More than one way to do this, but it would be good to know the range of 
what is possible at Apache.


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