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Subject Re: Blondie's Parallel Lines...
Date Sat, 04 Jun 2011 02:25:54 GMT
Cor Nouws <> wrote on 06/03/2011 06:14:56 PM:

> I would love to see all work in one big project - read all my pleas in 
> the time. But reality tells me that is not going to 

I would like to see this as well, everyone working on a single code base. 
The is the ideal.  But my support of the current proposal is not 
contingent on the ideal alignment occurring. 

But I think the way forward looks something like this:

1) Determine what is possible, in terms of high-level alignment, the 
general flow graph of permissible contributions that would respect the 
licenses of both communities. 

2) Based on that graph, work out, within the projects, what code, 
infrastructure and process accommodations are necessary in both 
communities to facilitate these contribution flows.

3) Perhaps agree to a Memorandum Of Understanding or similar between the 
two foundations to express the common understanding of how 
#1 and #2 work, as well as our mutual commitments to endeavor to make them 

But we really need to figure out #1 first, thus the questionnaire I sent 



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