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From eric b <>
Subject Re: Apache Incubator Proposal
Date Fri, 03 Jun 2011 09:34:52 GMT
Hi James,

Le 3 juin 11 à 05:07, James Kosin a écrit :

> On 2:59 PM, Luke Kowalski wrote:
>> The following project is being sent in as an incubator candidate.
>> regards
>> luke
> Okay,
> First, I've been reading the talking points going back and forth on  
> this for about 1-2 days now.  And there are some valid concerns.
> (1)  The project as a whole is LARGE.  Some may even call it HUGE.

Indeed, it is :-)

> Despite those complaints, I don't believe there is a size limit on  
> the size of a project; however, it brings up LOTS of questions on  
> Why?  How?
> and Who is to blame?
> Basically, are the developers able to support the project entirely  
> on their own?

See below

>   If so, showing some supporting evidence as to how.

If this can help, I'm building  (1.x, 2.x and 3.x), on  
all platforms (Windows, Mac and Linux). since 2004, and contributing  
to bugfixes and fix build breakers since 2005.

As a game or stupid bet (choose the right word), and to have Fun with  
students, I forked (basicaly OOo3.2.1_m19) to create  
OOo4Kids, and OOoLight.
See : for further information.

This is basicaly the same size as tree, but  
simplified. We forked to avoid a boring QA process,  
but are eager to contribute back when the students write interesting  
features. So yes, this is possible : since more than a year, we  
provide major ports, means Windows (including portable version), Mac  
OS X and Linux Intel and even ARM versions, in 17 locales.

With that, I can say I know well the build process  
(all platforms excepted Solaris), and as I wrote, I'm ready to  
participate, help if I can, and to share my knowledge, and participate.

But maybe I misunderstood your question ?

> Granted learning code is fun in my opinion but it won't lead to a  
> good outcome in the long run without some very knowledgeable people  
> supporting the project.

I completely agree, and the most obvious way to create something  
sustainable is to start soon (urgent). And to document.

Just as example, I'd suggest something like that (maybe a bit  
outdated) :

This is essential to propose the same asap for the incubator project.

> Having 2 or even 3 people supporting a project of this size is
> a sure sign of failure.

I hope more will join :)

> Unless these people really are major contributors with evidence and  
> know how to back them up.

Another thing coming is that IRC is essential for helping newcomers.  
What about discuss those points directly ?  (e.g. on , server : ?)

IMHO, the role of Oracle developers is essential, and we should  
firstly invite them to join. The problem is, that we don't know how  
Oracle management announced the donation, and how things have been  
done internaly.

> (2)  The licensing is also an issue, and a serious one at that.

 From my little own side, I just would like to say, for an individual  
contributor, is the story of the contributions. Any patch or code has  
a lifetime, and is not that important after all : what remains is  
"you did that a day".

But I know we are not that much in this situation, and I'll stop  
there :-)

Eric Bachard

Education Project:
Projet OOo4Kids :
L'association EducOOo :
Blog :

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