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From "Manfred A. Reiter" <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Accept for incubation
Date Sun, 12 Jun 2011 12:04:32 GMT
> [  ] +1 Accept for incubation
> [  ] +0 Indifferent to incubation
> [  ] -1 Reject for incubation

+/- 0  (non binding)

I am still going back and forth, on whether or not.

I understand very well most of the arguments from André

Please see here
as the number of messages on the user mailing list is going down. We
are today by more or less 1/10th of the emails peak, we had on the
german "user"list. I assume that the user did notice the wrangling
over OOo, and they were looking for alternatives. A product should be
released asap, ore OOo will loose more users.

I saw emails here during incubation which were not answere because
IMHO the questions were distressing. I heard here some caustically
notes, inappropriate to build a community.

Nearly the whole and very active community in Brasil switched to LO. A
lot of very brilliant and active members of the german community are
working now at LO, doing a very good job.

in favor:
On the other side, a lot of brilliant hackers are joining the project,
and I see a lot of experienced and honorable "Hamburg-people" ;-).

Are ASF people aware, that "How the ASF works" has to be rewritten?
A new role has to be created?  "Enduser", because not every user of
OOo did what a ASF "user" has to do (i mean user in terms of

IMHO, OOo and LO must find a way out of "divide et impera".
I think it's not neccessary to explain who else might be interested in
a riven and broken community.

Doing the same things twice is not economic, it is inefficent and
worse it's stupid.


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