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From Greg Stein <>
Subject Re: Apache Licensing Q's [was: Incubator Proposal]
Date Sat, 04 Jun 2011 04:50:40 GMT
On Fri, Jun 3, 2011 at 23:48, Dennis E. Hamilton
<> wrote:
> The extensive LibreOffice user-documentation project is producing GPL3[+]/CC-by3.0 dual-licensed
documents.  I assume that CC-by is not toxic for Apache, since it is the closest CC license
to permissive (i.e., it is at least as permissive as modified BSD) and it allows derivative
works, of course.

We renamed the "Apache Software License, v1.1" to "Apache License,
v2.0" for the basic reason that we wanted to cover documentation, too.
AFAIK, all documentation coming out of the ASF is licensed under ALv2.

Would we be okay with CC licenses? Unsure, to be honest. I think that
we certainly could be okay with it: certain forms of the CC license
palette match our permissive ideals, and they are also modern,
well-considered licenses. I'm not sure the question has come up, so we
have no policy that I'm aware of.


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