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From Bernd Fondermann <>
Subject Re: Bluesky calls for a new mentor!
Date Thu, 30 Jun 2011 08:43:58 GMT
On Thu, Jun 30, 2011 at 10:37, Christian Grobmeier <> wrote:
>> I believe projects from  school could also rock in Apache as well. You can
>> look down up on us but you can't deny others.
> This is not the point.
> The point is, if you have contributors who have no apache id, they
> a) need to sign an ICLA
> b) need to create an Jira issue and attach an svn diff there, ticking
> the "allowed to use for the ASF" box
> c) need to ask development questions on the mailinglist, not by ICQ,
> MSN or whatever
> You can actually work with students, no problem. But it should happen
> visible. Even when you are in the same room, it should be visible to
> all other parties around the world. Otherwise you will never get an
> development community.
>>     I had a propose that community give us the last chance for 1-2month and
>> certain member could become our mentor to lead us finish  releasing the
>> newest version.   During this time slot. What you would see includes:
> I am not sure if the term "mentor" is used well here. A "mentor" is
> not here to help you in development questions. A mentors role is to
> oversee how the project progresses, guide people to work after the
> apache way. After 3 years you should already know about the apache way
> and mentor should be obsolet (from a teaching role only). A mentor is
> for sure NO project lead. He can point you to the according docs of
> "how to release code", for example.
>>   1. gradually increasing discussion in bluesky-dev mailing list.
>>   Meaningless discussion would not count.
> ALL discussion must happen on list, from now on. If it didn't happen
> on list, it didn't happen, as a wise man once said.
>>   2. committing of source code after they were cleaned up.
>>   Inactive committers would be revoked and new committers would apply to join
>>   in.
> Now or never. It is "commit then review"
> Potential new committers must show their interest on the mailing list
> - otherwise your mentors cannot decide if they should support a
> invitation or not. As you know, new committers must be voted in. The
> discussion should also happen before, on list.
>>   3. preparing for what release needs and make the release successful. Thus
>>   the new developers and committers could completely experienced the release
>>   process and know about "How" things are done in Apache community better.
> You should start working on the apache way even before the release. If
> it didn't work well before, it will not work well while releasing.
>>     If community accept my suggestion, individually, i want the BlueSky
>> project under strict surveillance by community members. If we can't fulfill
>> what we just promised, then just kick us out of here and i would have noting
>> to say.
> I (personally) have no problems with waiting just another 2 or 3
> months. I cannot imagine anyone would like to step up as a mentor at
> the moment. My suggestion: try to work out the apache way now. Use
> jira and the mailinglist. Students contribute patches through jira.
> Committers apply them. And so on. If that all happens, your Jira is
> full of contributions and your mailinglist full of discussions. If
> that is the case, come back to this list and ask for a mentor again -
> probably somebody is willling to step up again.

We had this discussion multiple times over the last year.
I firmly think, without immediate new mentors this project should not continue.


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