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From Christian Grobmeier <>
Subject Re: OpenOffice Proposal: Nominated Mentors
Date Thu, 09 Jun 2011 05:58:24 GMT
> My suggestion, and that's all it is, was to seek a mentor for ASF who does
> *not*
> have your history, nor anyone's with that great legacy.

I have no clue about OOo in the past. I have no great legacy.
And I will try to help mentoring. Is that what you wanted?

> Rather, the suggestion
> was to seek an Apache mentor with a fresh set of eyeballs, ears, and
> sensibilities
> wholly lacking in this great history.

Yeah, sounds like me: no history. About my eyeballs and ears I cannot
say anything, but I hope they are fresh enough.

> Who knows where someone like that would
> be able to influence the future direction of the project...

To be honest, i only stepped up because so many experienced mentors
are already there. Not a clue what a novice guy like me can do. But
one I know for sure: every active committer will influence the
direction of the project much more than all mentors. Mentors just lead
you to the playing ground and show you the rules of the game. But the
committers can choose so much on how to play it.


>> Mentors' main role is to help podling members learn the Apache Way so
> they
>> can graduate to TLP.  This project enjoys a wealth of excellent mentors
> and
>> we happen to mostly be people who have worked successfully together at
>> Apache.  With so many mentors, my thought was that it would be quite
> helpful
>> to have one that knows some history.
>> Additionally, I am not currently and have no immediate plans to be in
> the
>> employ of any entity with a commercial interest in the outcome of this
>> project.  I believe you may be confused on this point.
>> I completely get it that this is a new chapter, and I am quite
> interested in
>> helping the podling succeed as an upstream source of OOo code to the
> entire
>> extended ecosystem.  To that end, I would expect to help poding members
>> remember to be inclusive and transparent in their motives and actions.
>> Danese
>> > Thanks Ross, much appreciated. The thought was that the project would
> most
>> > benefit
>> > from an Apache community development mentor with no past history with
>> >
>> > The goal most seem to agree to is one of unification. So a 'Special
>> > Envoy', forgive the
>> > exaggerated metaphor, may be more effective. Danese has wonderful
> history,
>> > but this project
>> > is now moving forward re-born, in a sense. It deserves fresh
> leadership.
>> > IMHO.


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