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From Christian Grobmeier <>
Subject Re: OpenOffice & LibreOffice
Date Sun, 05 Jun 2011 10:47:31 GMT
Hi Keith,

> Convincing IBM to
> make GPL their official free license would be useful evangelism. Who
> is working on that?

I would like to see ASL as official free license, not the GPL. Anyway
IBM is huge and they do some cool stuff and sometimes they don't.

> LibreOffice is a success, and way ahead of you guys. There is a lot of
> work to be done. You can find a productive role for anyone in
> LibreOffice. I predict and hope that this project gets no support from
> the community as you are wasting our time starting with these emails.

LibreOffice is a success, true. There is for sure much work to be
done. But this is not the point. At Apache we like the ASL very much.
This is one of the reasons we consider OOo - because we can work with
the license we like.

> Everyone who has a choice should join LibreOffice. It has a better
> license, and a community of good people, distros and companies.

I agree with the good people, the great distros. About the companies I
don't know much. But I strongly disagree with the "better" license.
There are cases were GPL is a very good choice. There are case were it
is not. I cannot say ASL is better than GPL. Its just more to my taste
and I have had great benefts of it. I am sorry, but this is leading us
into a flamewar and that does not lead to anything.

> First people need to understand what they are missing. One little reminder:
> LibreOffice will be the official build for Linux, and will have the
> best support, so I don't even understand who you expect to get help
> from when few technical people will be using it.

Thats great for LibreOffice and Linux. But the ASL does offer other
options which makes OOo interesting. You could build your software
upon the back of OOo and commercial ship it. I like that idea too.

> LibreOffice could use the work of the OO core developers / testers
> today. What is the status of them? They are the most important asset
> in this situation, not the evangelists / suits who seem on their way
> to screwing it up. I'm sure they would rather join LibreOffice.

Everybody can choose.

> Python is a better language than Java. Sun screwed Java in addition to
> OpenOffice. The move from Java is another way LibreOffice is ahead.
> Java should be abandoned by the community, but that is mostly a side
> issue here.

So what? I don't like Python. I hate its syntax. I like Java. This
paragraph doesn't help this discussion.

> I think people working in MS Office would laugh at these mails.
> Perhaps they would root for IBM / Apache to succeed and cause more
> chaos and confusion. I sometimes think Linux on the desktop is
> hopeless because there are too many people so clever they manage to
> ignore basic facts.

And your basic facts are Java is bad and the ASL is even more worse?
And people should only work on one project, even when they cannot
agree to their license?

After all I am bit offended by your email. Maybe its because I am not
a native speaker. E-Mails like this are highly philosophical and not
matter of this discussion. We are not discussion which is the better
license. We simply discuss if the podling should enter incubation or
not. Can we handle the initial load? Can we get the project started?

I would like to recommend you one link:
I don't wont to convince you of anything, but I would like to show you
that there are two different cases served with LO and OOo


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