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From Robert Burrell Donkin <>
Subject Re: OpenOffice Proposal: Nominated Mentors
Date Wed, 08 Jun 2011 19:10:07 GMT
On Fri, Jun 3, 2011 at 9:49 PM,  <> wrote:
> This is for the proposal, the "Nominated Mentors" section.
> My observation, after seeing the topics that seem to be getting the most
> attention from the IPMC members on this list, is that in the the Podling
> we will want to pay special attention to:
> - IP review and remediation, due to the known presence of non-Apache code
> dependencies
> - Apache infrastructure, due to sheer size of the project, as well as the
> desire to have both project-facing and public facing web portals
> - Build management, due to the resources needed to build and the multiple
> platforms needed to build and test with
> - Community development, due to the need to develop and
> coordinate/collaborate with current and anticipated downstream consumers
> of the project, as well as potentially forging bi-directional
> collaborations.
> These, to me, seem to be areas we want to focus on.   I apologize in
> advance if it is out of place for me to be asking this, but I think that
> with a project of this size, complexity, visibility, and shall we say
> drama, we would benefit from having incubation mentors with noted strength
> in these areas.

I'd like to encourage everyone and anyone with opinions and ideas to
post them - the world, or at least as much as can fit onto this list

> We currently are listing Jim and Sam as project
> mentors.  This is an excellent start.  But if say, another 2 or so IPMC
> members who have complementary strengths in one or more of  the above
> areas, I'd welcome their assistance.  That would allow us to work some of
> these areas in parallel with each other, and in parallel with other
> incubation tasks, without being too much of an imposition for any single
> mentor.

Mentoring is a hands off, facilitation role

IMO the downstream ecosystem and community needs to be sustained with
continuity and speed in fixing the potential legal, infrastructure and
build issues. This needs hands on help from developers with expertise
from within the Apache community for a transitional sprint whilst the
wider ecosystem and community is establishing itself.

Does the IPMC need to consider calling for this?


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