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From eric b <>
Subject Re: Code covered by the Oracle grant
Date Tue, 07 Jun 2011 07:05:36 GMT

Le 7 juin 11 à 06:01, Ralph Goers a écrit :
>> It is my expectation that if we make reasonable requests and that if
>> those requests are within Oracle's power to fulfill those requests,
>> that we will obtain subsequent software grants.
> Sam, for me this is the only area where I question whether I will  
> vote for the proposal.  From what I read in Christian Lohmaier's  
> summary Oracle has supplied about 50% of the OOo source code. His  
> summary ended with "Apache OOo is far from being able to deliver  
> something that is even close to OOo as it is now."   As I've said  
> before, I don't want to see the project start off with an extremely  
> large amount of work to do just to get something working.

There is a simple way to create a correct set of files :

- download the OOODev mercurial bundle,
- extract one milestone,
- remove the metadatas and you should obtain a full tree
- verify the tree is buildable

This tree could be used to create a new repository, based on svn or  
whatever.  What I propose is really not that difficult, and if you  
need volunteers, I can help.

Note this method has some pros :

- create the exact list of files is extremely easy, and lot of tools  
can be used in that purpose.
- to verify what is missing is extremely easy too

At the end, create a diff between the initial list provided by Oracle  
and the one we created, from a buildable tree.

>   In later posts I see you got more files added to the list by  
> Oracle and a list of more missing files from Simon.
> I would hope that the list of files to be delivered grows to the  
> point where those far more familiar with the code than I am can  
> verify it is at a reasonable starting point before we vote on this.

At the beginning, why didn't Apache Foundation ask Oracle to provide  
a full and buildable tree, and then remove what could cause problem ?

I must be stupid, but I do not understand the logical ...

Eric Bachard

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