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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject This list is for how not why?
Date Mon, 06 Jun 2011 11:10:54 GMT
I'm on holiday reading from a phone. This has been said a dozen times already, but still most
emails are focussing on the wrong kinds of questions. 

The code has been offered to the ASF

The ASF is arguably a good home. 

Arguing whether it is or not is pointless. That's the home on offer. 

TDF is arguably a good home. 

Arguing whether it is or not is pointless. The copyright holder has decided against that.

These are all truths. 

Using ASF lists to argue these points is sapping away energy that would be better used figuring
out how to collaborate. 

IBMs intentions are certain to be commercially motivated. So what? Some people might not like
it but it cannot be changed. IBM are not, in my opinion required to state their commercial
intentions any more than I am.  

It is legitimate to ask for individual names of participants, I'd appreciate knowing who is/is
not IBM affiliated, but it is not a requirement. 

Finally, it's the ASF who will ensure the Apache License and trademarks are respected. IBM
will get no special treatment here. In fact, I suspect they will be brought into line faster
than others - we'll be watching them more closely. 

If you don't like the Apache terms either take the code under our permissive license and laugh
(privately) at those wasting their time here or just ignore us. Please daon't ask individuals
to justify their employers strategy, that has no place on an ASF list. 

On the other hand, if you feel you can work with us to find the best combined poker hand,
please continue with the many constructive discussions here. If we can figure out the "how?"
(or discover it's not *possible* to incubate) then we can get to the vote. 

Questions if "why?" don't help us get to the vote. 


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