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From Simon Brouwer <>
Subject Re: Request: Can "proposed committers" introduce themselves?
Date Fri, 10 Jun 2011 22:02:59 GMT
Hi Malte,

great to have you on board :)

Best regards

Op 10-6-2011 18:16, Malte Timmermann schreef:
> Hi,
> my name is Malte Timmermann, and I work on the code base of 
> since 1991 - almost from the beginning.
> It started with StarDivision, later acquired by Sun, later acquired by 
> Oracle. While still being an Oracle employee, my engagement here will 
> be on an individual base.
> Among the many things that I have implemented for OOo are the first 
> version of the multi-platform Help System and compiler (and designing 
> the XML version later), the Basic IDE, different widgets and remote 
> support for VCL, the UNO AWT Toolkit and Uno Controls with MVC 
> separation for using them in multi-view documents, and parts of the 
> XML digital signatures.
> My biggest contribution probably was the EditEngine, which is used for 
> text IO in Calc, Impress and the Drawing objects.
> When starting this, I was told to create some "lightweight" editor for 
> Impress - and it ended up with a huge beast capable of many text 
> processing features, including all the stuff you need for vertical and 
> right-to-left writing, rotated text and text flow in a polygon.
> Later I became responsible for the project to make 
> accessible, which was really challenging because of OOo's own GUI 
> toolkit and because of all existing Accessibility APIs not being 
> complete enough for exposing complex document content.
> So I spent a lot of time in designing the Uno Accessibility API (which 
> later was used by IBM as the starting point for IAccessible2), and 
> with having many discussions with people from JAA, ATK and with 
> different AT projects and vendors.
> I still work in the area of Accessibility, be it for the 
> application, or for ODF. I am a member of the OASIS ODF 
> TC and it's Accessibility SC.
> When in 2006 the first security issues with OOo have been reported, I 
> got the job to take care for StarOffice and OOo security and the 
> handling of security issues. I have initiated the OOo Security Team, 
> where people could report vulnerabilities to, and where people from 
> different Linux distros are members so that we could together work on 
> fixing the issues and coordinating release dates.
> Unfortunately, even working as a technical architect for 
> StarOffice/OOo since 2003, I was only able to influence newly 
> developed stuff, but not to make bigger changes to the existing code 
> base - mainly because of resource and time restrictions.
> There are many things that should be changed. One of the things I have 
> in mind would make it much easier for other projects or products to 
> make use of the different OOo editors inside other applications or GUI 
> technologies. Since this should be very interesting for commercial 
> products like Lotus Symphony or RedOffice, maybe we can find time and 
> resources for this now (once we have solved the more important issues 
> to get Apache OOo running at all). But it will be a quite big task...
> It's now time for the next decade of OOo. After a decade of closed 
> source StarOffice, and a decade of copyleft, it's now 
> time for many decades of Apache OpenOffice(.org), where many 
> individuals and companies can cooperate together, all having the same 
> rights to make use of the code in other open source projects as well 
> as in closed source products.
> And you can bet - after working on this thing almost half of my life 
> now, I want to see Apache OpenOffice(.org) becoming a big success!
> Malte.
> PS: I just managed to catch up all the emails on this list, and summed 
> it up in my blog at
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Vriendelijke groet,
Simon Brouwer.

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