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From "Richard S. Hall" <>
Subject Re: Request: Can "proposed committers" introduce themselves?
Date Wed, 08 Jun 2011 09:03:51 GMT
On 06/08/2011 04:16 AM, Christian Lippka wrote:
> Moin Moin [1],
> my name is Christian Lippka and I work on the donnated code base since 
> 1998
> when I was hired by StarDivision which was then consumed by Sun and later
> bought by Oracle. Oracle is also my current employer. I am here as an 
> individual,
> so everything I do and say is based on my own opinions and 
> motivations. Please
> note that I can not and will not discuss decisions made by Sun/Oracle 
> now or in the
> past. I also obviously do not speak for Oracle in any way and I'm not 
> in any way
> involved in the donation process that is currently going on.
> That said, my past work was to lead the Sun/Oracle internal 
> development of the
> Impress and Draw application. My work includes
> - the creation of the flash export
> - the down stripping of code to create the (discontinued before open 
> sourcing) stand alone StarOffice Impress Player
> - the specification of the presentation and graphic parts of the 
> xml format which later became the base for ODF
> - driving development of the UNO API for impress and draw so it is now 
> possible to have an xml filter for impress that does not link to the 
> application code
> - adding native table support to impress and draw
> - bootstrapping the graphics part of the native mac port by fixing 
> open issues in the vcl sal layer for aqua (spare time project)
> - working on the renaissance project to modernize the overal UI 
> experience of impress
> At heard I'm a C/C++ hacker but I nowadays often use Java for small 
> private projects out of convenience and
> I started to get some experience in Objectice-c. I am not an idealist 
> at all, I tend to use the tool that does the job at hand best.
> This makes me currently a desktop user of a windows pc, an ubuntu box 
> and a lovely old mac pro.
> As someone coming originally from the hardware world I still have a 
> huge interest in embedded and mobile and would
> love to see an OOo derivate on a tablet.
> My personal motivation to join this proposal as a committer is based 
> on my bounding with the underlying source code and
> also the people involved. You can not work 12 years on the same thing 
> without getting to either hate or love it. So for me
> it is obviously love and passion and it would make me sad to not even 
> try to make this proposal a success.
> Now a valid question could be, why ASF and not TDF. For me, this is 
> not a binary question. I have already contributed
> to in my spare time. I have also already (though small) 
> contributed to LibreOffice in my spare time.
> While I have some different opinions, I do not oppose the TDF or 
> LibreOffice. I am not here to make this project win
> and another project fail. I am not here to dishonor the good work that 
> good people put into something that they
> think is the best way to go. But I hope that people will respect 
> others for trying to do something different, even
> so we may share many of the same goals.
> I'm happy with healthy competition. Not competition in the sense that 
> the same work needs to be done multiple
> times. But competition in the sense to try different things, provide 
> diversity and something to choose from.
> At least this is my understanding of liberty, the freedom to be able 
> to choose from different options. If there
> is only one option to choose from, even if this is the perfect option, 
> this is still no longer freedom.
> My opinion on the split/unite community is very simple. For me, there 
> is but one open office community.
> If you are working on any branch, fork, clone, sibling, 
> successor,predecessor of what is, you
> are part of that community. If you are a teacher at a school and 
> promote the use of any odf based office
> suite, you are part of this community. If you hate to see a world 
> where there is only one vendor dominating
> something that is essential for everyone in the digital age, you are 
> part of the community.
> And yet, inside this community there are other communities, formed 
> around goals, opinions, motivations.
> And I think that is perfectly valid.
> I also think that while it is hard some times it is a good thing that 
> this heats up so much emotions. This shows
> that did not just start something that is useful. It 
> started something that people are passionate
> about. And this makes me so exited to be part of it.
> My technical vision (as in, not plans, no facts, no "I tell you how to 
> do it") for this particular project under the umbrella
> of the ASF is as follows. I see this as an opportunity to do some bold 
> moves that will jumpstart the free office world to
> the next level. One such bold move in the past was the switch to XML. 
> I think this changed everything, and I usually hate such
> marketing speech :) What I would love to see is a major rework 
> concerning modularization and configurability.
> In the past I was part of many discussions on what would be the best 
> UI framework for to solve all
> problems including world peace. Obviously there was no such thing. 
> This is even more true in the world we live
> in now. There is not only the desktop any more, my smartphone is 
> faster than my first development pc at StarDivision.
> My android tablet has a bigger screen resolution than my first VGA 
> monitor. To serve this diverse market of target
> devices and different input idioms there can not only be one user 
> interface, there must be many.
> Also it would be cool to target different groups of users by providing 
> a user interface that is optimized for a
> special task or need. See OOo4Kids as a great example.
> I'm not a native speaker  but I tried hard to look up every more 
> complicated word in the dictionary to check for
> possible misreadings. If you still find something that you have a 
> grudge with or find offensive, please just blame
> it on a communication issue.

I just wanted to say that this is one of the best messages I've read 
throughout this entire ordeal. Thanks.

-> richard

> Best regards,
> Christian
> [1]
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