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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: Apache Incubator Proposal: Splitting the Community?
Date Tue, 07 Jun 2011 13:03:54 GMT
On 06/02/2011 03:40 PM, wrote:
> Florian Effenberger<>  wrote on 06/02/2011
> 06:39:12 AM:
>> This would not only be about reinventing the wheel, but also about
>> splitting the community, leading to disadvantages for end-users,
>> contributors, and enterprises.
> I'd like to challenge your assertion here, about "splitting the
> community", a nonsensical meme I'm hearing repeated in several venues.
> First, would you disagree if I asserted, as a fact, that IBM is not a
> member of LibreOffice?  And that neither is Oracle?  And that no initial
> contributors currently on the wiki are TDF/LinbreOffice coders?

Maybe, but the LO people are the ones in the OSS community, and I don't 
see any oracle FTEs signing up for this.

It seems to me, that in the Open Source world, TDF is the place for 
ongoing post-OOo dev, just as Jenkins is the successor to Hudson.

 > I think we can all point to many smaller such projects in this area that
 > have thrived over the years based on community volunteers, with 
 > little corporate backing, e.g., AbiWord, Gnumeric, etc.  There is nothing
 > wrong with this.  They are fine projects and have many unique qualities.
 > But at at the same time, it is perfectly reasonable for others to have
 > more ambitious goals, the goal of bringing this code base to scale in the
 > market,  a goal that can best (IMHO) be reached with strong corporate
 > backing, working side-by-side with independent developers, 
facilitated by
 > a permissive license and an foundation of unimpeachable reputation and
 > stability.

My desktop runs Linux. Lots of community there: volunteer and paid. I 
don't see it's license being a hindrance. What matters is that everyone 
is working together

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