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From Mathias Bauer <>
Subject Re: Code covered by the Oracle grant
Date Tue, 07 Jun 2011 11:52:58 GMT
On 07.06.2011 12:37, Thorsten Behrens wrote:
> Mathias Bauer wrote:
>> I don't think that this is really necessary *now*, as we can do that
>> even better and more efficiently when we actually work on the code
>> from the svn repository. It was promised that the needed files will
>> be provided once they are known. I'm confident that this will work
>> out.
> Hi Mathias,
> hm, that bears the risk of missing stuff, and having to redo the
> work - potentially rather late in the game (on top of having to
> replace all non-Oracle-owned code).
> Whereas getting a blanket statement from Oracle ("here we grant you
> the hg repo bundle") admittedly puts some risk into Oracle's basket.

That's not possible as Oracle does not own the copyright for every file 
in the repository (example: dictionaries). My approach would be to start 
with the whole list of files in the repo, remove all things I know that 
are problematic, create a diff to the list provided so far and have a 
second look on this difference list for possible "naughty bits".

Everythings else (history etc.) can be sorted out later.


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