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From Mathias Bauer <>
Subject Re: Code covered by the Oracle grant
Date Tue, 07 Jun 2011 09:30:30 GMT
On 07.06.2011 06:01, Ralph Goers wrote:

> Sam, for me this is the only area where I question whether I will
> vote for the proposal.  From what I read in Christian Lohmaier's
> summary Oracle has supplied about 50% of the OOo source code. His
> summary ended with "Apache OOo is far from being able to deliver
> something that is even close to OOo as it is now."   As I've said
> before, I don't want to see the project start off with an extremely
> large amount of work to do just to get something working.  In later
> posts I see you got more files added to the list by Oracle and a list
> of more missing files from Simon.  I would hope that the list of
> files to be delivered grows to the point where those far more
> familiar with the code than I am can verify it is at a reasonable
> starting point before we vote on this.

We have got the file list from Oracle that - as was mentioned here - 
obviously was created under time pressure. My assumption is that the 
person in charge to create it just grepped for copyright headers with 
Oracle Copyright to make sure not to add any "nasty" files (at least 
that's the way I would have done it under such circumstances). So it is 
not surprising that no binary files exist in that list, e.g. no art work.

What we need is a list of OOo source files that are under Oracle's 
copyright and that are needed to build the project.

I don't think that this is really necessary *now*, as we can do that 
even better and more efficiently when we actually work on the code from 
the svn repository. It was promised that the needed files will be 
provided once they are known. I'm confident that this will work out.

If there was still too much concern about that, I could work on an 
improved list from a technical perspective and provide this list in a 
few days. I don't claim to reach perfection, but the result should be 
much closer to what we need.


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