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From Raphael Bircher <>
Subject Re: [OO.o] updated mailing lists in proposal
Date Mon, 06 Jun 2011 01:10:29 GMT
Am 06.06.11 02:55, schrieb Greg Stein:
> On Sun, Jun 5, 2011 at 20:47, Raphael Bircher<>  wrote:
>> Hi all
>> Because this is my first mail, I give a short introduction to myself.
>> I'm Raphael Bircher from Switzerland. I contribute for OOo since 5 years as
>> QA and in same other tecnical parts. I was involved by the migration to the
>> kenai Infrastructur, and I'm willing to help by seting up the new
>> infrastructure, if this help is welcome from the ASF side.
> Welcome!
> If you're interested in infrastructure, then Joe Schaefer recommended
> joining the mailing list[1].
As I hav not enough lists ;-) No, I will subscribe it.
>> Am 06.06.11 02:13, schrieb Niall Pemberton:
>>> On Mon, Jun 6, 2011 at 12:55 AM, Greg Stein<>    wrote:
>> ...
>>> There are 146 projects listed on - all with mailing
>>> lists. Last time I read the proposal, it wasn't clear how many of
>>> these are active and being brought across. It does suggest though that
>>> a single dev list is not sufficient.
>> We have many many lists, a load of this lists are dead. Anyway, The 4 lists
>> are ok, if this is onli for the startup while the kenai infrastructure from
>> Oracle is running. If we realy switch to apache, we need much more ML, e.g
>> for native language projects, etc.
> That was my thought, too. Also note that we're talking about an
> initial committer list of around 40-50 people (it is approaching 40
> now). That many people can easily work on a single list. And yeah...
> over time, more lists can be constructed as necessary. We're just
> talking about the initial set.
In fact, I think, there are many more. The project is big end many 
people does not know that they should list themself to the initial proposal.
> And similar to you, I feel pretty strong about keeping it minimal.
> Separating across too many lists might lose the necessary "critical
> mass".
Yes, but a list with hunderts of mails per day is not realy funny too ;-)

Greetings Raphael

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