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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: Apache Incubator Proposal
Date Thu, 02 Jun 2011 23:00:53 GMT
On 01/06/2011 17:21, Ross Gardler wrote:
> Thanks for this exciting proposal. I have a few questions.
> There are only two initial committers identified in the proposal. Why
> only two for such a large codebase?
> It's going to be very hard for two committers to manage and maintain
> this code.
> The proposal states "Both Oracle and ASF agree that the
> development community, previously fragmented, would re-unite under ASF
> to ensure a stable and long term future for" What
> evidence is there to support this bold statement? And who are the "ASF"
> that made this statement?
> "The initial developers are very familiar with open source development,
> both at Apache and elsewhere. " I don't see any obvious engagement of
> either of the initial committers with existing ASF projects and the
> proposal does not provide any evidence for the claimed familiarity.
> Existing experience is, of course, not required for entry into the
> incubator. I'm just wondering if I've missed something?
> There is a statement that "Oracle will assist in the transition and
> migration from", I am probably reading too much into it,
> but why is there not a statement that Oracle intend to continue
> development once the transition is complete?
> I hope my questions don't push you onto the defensive, that's not my
> intention. This is going to be a hard project to bring into the
> incubator given the recent history of
> As you will no doubt know, the incubator is not a place for code dumps
> and I expect that recent events will make plenty of people worry that
> this is, in fact, a code dump. By answering these questions I hope you
> can start to address these concerns for the Incubator PMC.

I see that Oracle don't promise any engineering support either. Which 
means the effort has to come from IBM, the "public sector bodies" 
referred to, and the community. What community is there other than TDF?


(doc opens well in MSWord 2007, BTW)

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