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From Marvin Humphrey <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Droids 0.1-incubating RC2
Date Tue, 14 Jun 2011 17:31:49 GMT
On Sat, Jun 11, 2011 at 10:43:21PM -0500, Richard Frovarp wrote:
> Please vote on the release cndidate for Apache Droids Incubating,  
> version 0.1-incubating. I've received one binding IPMC +1 votes and 2  
> non-binding +1 votes.
> PPMC release vote thread:


Looks like this is the inaugural ASF release for Droids, right?

First, congratulations on getting this far!  It can take a long time and a lot
of effort to get to the point where a podling's contributors feel comfortable
proposing an ASF release.  

That said, I have some questions about the PPMC vote thread.  Droids has the
following roster, according to the status page:

    Mentors      Ross Gardler
                 Paul Fremantle
                 Grant Ingersoll

    Committers   Thorsten Scherler
                 Ryan McKinley
                 Grant Ingersoll
                 Oleg Kalnichevski

This is the tally for the PPMC vote:

    +1  Torsten Scherler
    +1  Richard Frovarp
    +1  Bertil Chapuis

The Droids status page has apparently not been kept up to date, since there
are numerous authors listed at...

... and both Richard Frovarp and Bertil Chapuis seem to have commit rights.
Can you please confirm that the three +1 votes all belong to people who are
official members of the Droids PPMC?

Then there's the IMPC vote, which looks like it comes from Thorsten Scherler.
According to this...
... Thorsten is not on the IPMC right now, though as an ASF Member he can
simply request to join.  Once that happens, you'll have 1 IPMC vote.

However, none of the Droids Mentors appear to have participated in the vote.
I know one of them is camping and one took a new job recently, but still, it's

In principle, I'd like to freelance and contribute some oversight towards your
release by performing a surface review and voting.  I can check license
headers, sigs and sums, etc, and help with an audit of LICENSE and NOTICE,
especially if we can work together to produce an authoritative list of the
project's dependencies.  Unfortunately, my Java expertise is almost all
theoretical, so code review will be limited to fumbling around until I figure
out how to run the test suite and verify that it passes.

However, I won't personally feel comfortable contributing a +1 without at
least one of your Mentors signing off, particularly for a first release which
endorses the IP clearance process.

I've only been on the IPMC a few weeks.  Can any of our more experienced hands
offer recommendations about the best way to proceed?

Marvin Humphrey

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