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From James Kosin <>
Subject [OTQ] Apache License File
Date Sun, 02 Jan 2011 00:58:03 GMT

I know I may be opening a can of worms here in even mentioning this, but
here it goes...

Is there any reason why the license file is only available as .text or
.html, styled as an Apache page?

I've seen various sites handle this differently...
Below is a small sample.

The following have the license HTML site:

The following have a link to the HTML license directly:

The following have a link to the TEXT license directly:

The following have integrated the license into a separate page (with or
without a link to the HTML or TEXT version):


I guess what I'm really asking is what is the preferred method, or
doesn't it matter as long as the details are there.

Also, since many of the sites may be transitioning to CMS using mdtext
format for the web-page, could I suggest Apache make available a .mdtext
version available to help with site integration.  i.e.:  click on the
license link and get a different look and feel from the site... or click
on the link and get a license that is a bit more seamlessly integrated
and provides a good look.


Again, I'm just throwing this out for discussion.


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